23 May 2006

Bearing in mind...

Ok. Sometimes the news is wierd. And sometimes, Darwin's theory of evolution enters the picture, but it turns out to be the negative.

From CNN: http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/05/23/bear.attack.ap/index.html.

To sum up: 500 lb bear escapes from breeder, sees a 15 year old girl next door, follows her into the house and mauls her mom. Bear is then lured outside the house and shot by breeder. Total time: 20 minutes.

Let's examine this in relation to Darwin. 'Survival of the fittest' is how his theory is summed up.

We have this bear, born and bred in captivity. Used to people, used to people feeding it. So when the cage gets opened, bear decides its time to take a walk, rather than stay for dinner. Must not have been very hungry.

Bear wanders off, moving at a good clip for a bear I suppose, since he didn't want to go back into the cage. Sees an open garage.. thinks either a) "Hey, cave! I didn't know these things still existed!" or b) "Wonder what kind of car I can hijack in here?"

Bear sees 15 year old girl. Again, bear either thinks, "Ohh gurrrrl!" or "Oh yeah, what about my dinner, wench?"

Girl does the stupid horror movie thing: she runs, and fails to shut and lock the door behind her.

Bear whines, "Hey, wait a minute. I was talking here!" and follows her in.

Girl undoubtedly hides at this point, or is screaming her head off. Mom to the rescue! Arms waving, attempting to seem bigger than she is and intimidate the bear, the bear laughs and whaps her a few times, thinking this is a fun new game.

Breeder tracks bear down, and lures the bear out for a real dinner. Bear is all, "Ooh a show and dinner... how much better than this does it get?"

Bear goes outside the house.. BAM. No more bear.

So, the stupid and ineffective kill the smart enough to get out and enjoy life.

Darwin must be rolling in his grave.


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