07 June 2006

Banana Rustling??

Yeah I know. 2 weeks. Thank goodness for Darvocet. But now that the brain is functioning again, and the ankle is just slightly achy, the blog must continue!

Today's item of interest: Banana Rustlers (as you probably were aware from the title)
(for those who want the hot scoop direct from the horse's patootie).

Apparently, thanks to a cyclone, Australia's banana crop is high demand/low supply. However, what worm in the brainpan could come up with banana rustling?? It isn't even evil sounding. It is more like something Bozo the Clown would have come up with. I mean, how does one herd bananas into a blind canyon? Or cover the brands? Wouldn't that damage the fruit?

Alas, there is no glamour in crime today. Let's get our posse together, pardner, and go after them with hot steel.

On another note, this is just frikken hysterical.


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