25 October 2006

Coffee and Oatmeal is BAD

Ok so I had friends over for dinner Monday night, ran the coffee maker a few times for both coffee and tea, and forgot about it. It's a one shot coffee maker, which I got at a ridiculously cheap price and have thoroughly enjoyed.

Only I recently discovered, it also does a great job of making oatmeal water. You know what I mean, the hot water, yet not too hot, that you always strive to make just the right temperature for the oatmeal gods. Stick the bowl of oatmeal under the faucet, hit the one cup button and **BAM** perfect temperature and amount of water for the oatmeal.

Unfortunately, if you forget about the pod of coffee in the Senseo, you get coffee-oatmeal.

...and even worse, it was decaf.


At 20:46, Blogger Tony said...

I don;t know...sounds pretty good too me:)

At 11:06, Blogger Mike aka MonolithTMA said...

That reminds me of the time I visited a friend and he boiled some water for some instant coffee. The pan had apparently been used to make bacon previously, so our coffee tasted like bacon. Yum!


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