03 October 2006

The Claw!! The Claw!!

So to recap my weekend, I went out to my house (the rented one, as that is the only one I have at this point) to do some minor scraping, sanding, and painting of windows and doors in preparation for the full paint job towards the end of the month.

I arrived about 10:30 in the a.m. (that's when the sun is up, Mark) and got started taking down the storm windows. Minor pain to do alone, as those suckers are darned heavy. Scraped up my arm a bit doing that, but no major damage to either the windows or myself. During this fun interlude, I found that one of the window panes was literally falling out once the storm window was down. Now, the pane belong to the regular window so that was not good. I make a mental note, warn the tenants NOT to let the cat in that room until I fixed it, and go on.

Upon arrival in the side yard, I realize that I cannot get to the remaining 2 windows. The bushes are in the way. Now, I have little complaint about my tenants. They are nice ladies, who keep the yard beaten back enough that I have yet to receive a complaint from the city about it. However, "gardeners" is not a term I would use in regards to their ability.

The gardenia bush was taller than I was. And considering they only get to 6 feet (unless they are mutants) mine was on the verge of eating the house. So I had to beat it back with the big clippers. You know the ones, they are like giant scissors... and can snip through a 4 inch branch or tree trunk with hot-knife-through-cream-cheese-ease.

That and the Bush of Mystery. Hacked to half their size so I could reach the windows. Then the second round of the house commences... scraping and sanding.

I scraped.. I sanded.. and I realized all the glazing putty was coming off the window. No big, I will replace after I am done scraping and sanding. Next window. I scraped.. I sanded.. and I realized all the glazing putty was coming off the window. Hmmm... a pattern is emerging.

Nearly all the windows needed reglazing. All frames, all panels, everything.

Time for a break! Off to HD for lunch and glazing putty!

45 minutes later, back at work. You'd think they would have something like a caulking gun for putty, but apparently, not for the windows I have. Scrape and slather, scrape and slather. The first 2 windows have 12 panes each. T-w-e-l-v-e panes. Scrape and slather.

Glazing putty sticks to hands more than to windows.

Glazing putty doesn't want to stick to windows at all.

Glazing putty sucks.

The bastard who sold me this glazing putty said the bucket would last for 15 windows.

It lasts 4.5.

I give up for the day at 5:45 p.m., though I have to admit my skill level rapidly improves. Hey, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny, I will come back and finish then.

It isn't. I wake up about 8 am. Rainy. Rainy rainy. I decide to wait, since I can't glaze in rain. Bad for the miserable scum sucking putty. Of which I need another bucket.

Rain rain until 10. This is when I notice my hands have cramped up into claws, and I am carrying them in front of me like a demented squirrel. Ow ow ow. I decide to wait until Jackass and his dad arrive to take some stuff before I head out to Phoebus and the house.

2 p.m.: They are gone, but my hands are still squirrel like. Hot water, cold water, I decide to be discrete rather than valorous, and retire to play computer games and watch Supernatural until Monday.

Monday: Got out to the house after work (@4p.m.) and attack with a fresh pot of glaze. I got the windows done in another 3.5 hours, and so far today my hands aren't killing me. The windows look better too.. especially the glazing. 7-14 days, and then it is time for the Paint Assault!!


At 16:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, as I get off from work at 7 a.m., the sun is up when I get to my house at 7:30 a.m. You want to try that one again????



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