26 July 2006

Get This Man Some Therapy!!

I have recently been converted to the religion of the Roomba, as you all may remember. I am still an advocate. Who wouldn't be, to have your house (partially at least) vacuumed when you aren't even home? But this guy is taking it too far.

Yesterday he made arrangements for his 4th roomba and 5th irobot. I make the distinction, as otherwise I might get hurt. So this will bring the grand total to 1 Roomba Sage, 2 Roomba Discoveries, and 1 Roomba Scheduler.

Most of these have been through the lovely medium of E-Bay. There are protestations from the addict that the one purchased yesterday was 'an accident' and that 'E-Bay doesn't like renegers'. But what was it Shakespeare said? I think you know what I mean.

I was tempted last week to get my second, as Woot had the same deal as my original Roomba, only if your order number ended in the same number as the day's Dow Jones index, you got an additional one for free. I managed to realize that, while the Roomba was cool, the real draw for me was the tantalizing possibility of a free one. Two for one! What a deal! This was enough to make me resist the siren's call.

So, soon the addict's house will double its component of Roombas, with nearly one per room. There have been discussions of Roomba Derbies, or of getting the fun skins and making letters to allow random words to form. It makes me quite concerned for his sanity, while coincidentally making me concerned for the water quality in Suffolk.

He also reported that a few days ago he saw his current two robots stuck in one corner, banging into each other.

Accident? .....or mating ritual?


At 09:22, Blogger Tony said...

Yeah--this guy does need some help! Maybe some therapy or something. But he's going to get into gadget heaven...which of course will be run by Roomba's...by your command--dudda-do-derdo....(that's Roomba speak.

At 15:38, Anonymous cp said...

Therapy ain't the word for it. Total removal from the environment should do it.


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