26 June 2006

Peach Milkshakes

Thanks go out to the incomparable CP for a lovely weekend of nothingness. I haven't just 'hung out' with a girlfriend for a long time. Very enjoyable, even if the weather and the foot limited us in activity.

Although the foot limits less than it used to. I am now gimping about without a crutch at all! At least, on flat surfaces. Walking about town still brings a single prop with it, just in case of muck, marbles, or tangled mats. Housework is now back within the realm of possibility (note: not probability) and my clothes are all clean for the first time in over a month. The Scary Study is about half exorcised, so my sense of house-propriety is being satisfied.

Next on the agenda: Cooking green things. I need more green things!


At 08:53, Blogger Tony said...

Thanks goes out to you two lovely ladies for sharing your weekend. With the exception of a few battle scars from Looney Tunes and a slightly wounded ego...I survived. Besides, how often do you get dinner cooked and served...and creme puffs to boot!

At 12:03, Anonymous cp said...

And a great time was had by all!

Much gratitude to M for being my Calgon for the weekend. I, too, have been lacking in the 'just hanging out with girlfriend' factor, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself (and the food great too). Say hello to Boo and Quin for me.

Many thanks go to Tony for the great dinner (with the smashing cream puffs) and the tolerance (and I think, some enjoyment) of the sixth-grade humor. Next time, we'll have to find better hiding places for the napkins than the chandelier. Huzzah!


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