19 June 2006

Weekend a la Sister

Let me say one thing before I get started. I love my sister. Really.

Now to the dark side: I love my sister when she isn't off her meds.

K without Adderoll is ebullient. She is chatty. She is bouncy.

She is flighty. She is annoying. She is wriggly. She is easily distracted. She cannot complete one sentence without going off in five different directions.

This can be very entertaining, when one does not have to live with her. When one is forced to, and forced to sit and take it due to a cast, it might result in fratricide. Nearly did, several times this weekend. It was either.. she is asleep yay! or she's awake.. hide! And yet the spasms of activity she went through involved absolutely nothing that might have been viewed as productive.

I can't wait until Wednesday.


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