15 June 2006

Just for CP... and the Robotic Overlords

This week in the life of M...

My sister (a desperate devotee of Sean Bean) has prevailed upon me to add BBC America to our TV lineup. Now, Sean is a hot man to be sure, but truly, it was done in hope of newer Dr Who episodes than the SciFi channel shows (and what is up with ECW on SciFi anyways?!?). Dr Who, despite the loss of Christopher Eccleston, is a cool show.

Then last Thursday I discovered Hex. For anyone without knowledge of this nifty program, Hex is a show about a teenage girl who finds a voodoo pot and gets witch powers. Along with a really scary fallen angel to suck the life out of her and her friend. I say 'friend', because last week was just the premiere. So, so far, 1 death per show! Very cool, and much darker than most channels would go for here in the USA. And how much fun is it to listen to British phrasing?!?

Now to the dark side. FedEx.

They have lost my Roomba. The Roomba that had the perfect timing to dazzle me on Woot 3 weeks ago. The Roomba which was to have taken over the daily fuzz-busting demanded by the damn floor as a result of the 2 medium haired felines that rule the roost. The Roomba that would have saved my sanity while I am stuck in this cast.

Somehow, despite the fact their truck delivers to my area daily, they had an 'incorrect address'.

And then, the box disappears from their warehouse.

5 days and 4 calls later, the national representative tells me to file a claim.

I have already passed through several of the stages of grief... anger, denial, bargaining... and am still stuck in depression.

Damn them! Damn them and their desire for the robotic overlords!!


At 15:22, Anonymous CP said...

You forgot the fifth stage of grief--bitching to your friends.

I am also honored to be included in the same tier as the robotic overlords. When we take over the planet, you can be my Vice-Dictator.


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