21 June 2006


A brief note to start: A glorious thank you to the FedEx driver on Jefferson Avenue yesterday. Takes true talent to have a minivan smash into your back end at a stoplight, scattering glass everywhere!

The day of freedom arrives. I have a silly smirk on my face. The cast comes off, 1330 EST.

At least, that is The Plan. The Plan is a complicated piece of mental engineering, involving the hospital, the world-famous 5 Minute Doctor, a cast saw, a walking boot, the X-Ray machine, tagging and releasing.

The Plan will not be sidetracked by Mr Pessimist's negative vibes. I will be free! The contingency plan is simple by comparison.

5 MD will satisfy the following requirements:
1) informing me how the foot is healing
2) detailing how long I will need the boot and how often/when to wear it
3) what can I do with the foot now?
4) when will I be able to resume workouts?
5) any other warnings/cautions

If he should be unable/unwilling to give me answers to these basic questions, it will come down to one simple question:

Do you have a crutch?*

So my apologies to everyone who had to deal with me yesterday, I know my very limited patience was nonexistant, but today it is all over... rejoice!

* Apologies to Eddie Izzard


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