28 June 2006

Now I know...

So last week was interesting on a number of scales, but the one I want to discuss is the 'Unlucky Friends List'.

Otherwise known as .. why do all the lightbulbs burn out at the same time?

It can be argued that the reason lightbulbs all burn out at once is that they were all put in at once. This is fallacious reasoning. I back my dismissal with one word. Lamps. *

Along the same lines, last week several of my long time friends had family issues. H's brother needed some assistance in packing up.. he was in a bad fall about a year ago and his memory is not what it ought to be. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware that a) he needed help or b) that he was even back in the area until 2 days before he flew out. Still, a friend in need etc.

L is a bit more complicated. Her waste of oxygen husband, who I will hereafter refer to as Trash, has mental issues. Of the sort that usually require, at the very least, Prozac. Or maybe frontal lobotomies. He has threatened to commit suicide several times in the past. And last Thursday he did it again. This time L called his bluff. And the police.

2.5 hours later, the armed standoff was finished and Trash was in the Psych ward for evaluation.
He got court ordered there for 3 days.

So, based on the mental issues statement, this is not a big surprise. The big surprise is, she is letting him back in.

I love L very much. I attempted to talk her out of it, to get her to change the locks and file a restraining order. But I think one can only push so hard before your friend starts looking at you as an enemy. I really didn't want to cross that line. The only positive sides to this incident are a) no more guns in the house and b) L talked to her therapist. They discussed the fact that L's insecurities are what makes her need Trash, and L agreed that was the case. So at least she is now aware of why she is with him.

And with that, I leave you with the line GI Joe made famous.

..and knowing things is half the battle.

* When you move, you take the lamps with you.. and those bulbs were not installed at the same time as the ones in the new house!


At 13:38, Blogger Tony said...

Glad I was not in the line of fire...

And as to light bulbs, well they burn out because the alien inside has hatched and moved on...to inhabit your...well let your imagination work from here:)

At 09:50, Blogger Emrya said...

EW EW EW aliens. in the head. EW EW EW.

Pregnant people make me think of the movie Alien.


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