30 August 2006

Dream a Little Dream..

Ok so I had a wierd dream last night.

I dreamt I was back at my high school, helping out my old section for band camp. Since this is the time of year for band camp, that is all good. What I didn't realize at the time is the section was about 1/8 the size of the ones I had, and that they were familiar faces. I don't remember if they were actually IN my sections, or other people thrown randomly into the dream.

Anyways, it was really hot, so we weren't doing any marching drill outside, but were practicing some 'movements' for when we DID march. I had this whole rippling thing going I thought was really nifty. And then camp is over for the day, and they send us home.

I was supposed to get a ride with a friend, but her car was full so I decided to walk home.. back to my parents' house. It is only a mile or so from the school, and on a not-lonely road. I used to do this occasionally, so it isn't too off yet. Only about halfway home I look over the fence into someone's back yard and there is a coyote. I shuck a branch at him and he takes off.

I turn back to the road and immediately see a coyote pup snuffling his way towards me. And right behind him is papa coyote. I back away slowly, crossing the road (which is suddenly much narrower and dirt) and he follows. Once I hit the (nonexistant) sidewalk, he trots off the other way, scooping up the pup in his mouth and then disappears.

A man is walking up the sidewalk towards me and shakes his head in sympathy. He speaks to me in a foreign language (which I am assuming was French, though I am not sure why) and offers me a sip of wine from a dark red bottle he is carrying. He indicates it is just a SMALL sip, and I take a taste, barely more than wetting my lips. It is strong but sweet- none of the overly dry flavor a lot of red wines have. I hold it up.. it has an odd shape. The neck of the bottle is more octagonal than round, and the label has a wierd name on it. Carielle or something like that. Gold lettering, rather cursive. I hand it back to him, and he smiles. We go our seperate ways, but I am very interested in the wine. Where can I get my own bottle?

As I get home (which isn't really home, its like something out of a Bronte novel), I am still thinking about the wine. And am dressed in some long dress, and everything seems to be shades of red and brown; the dress, the leather on the furniture, the book bindings. The room is like a library, with a small table and several straight backed chairs. There is a woman at the table, nibbling on the food it holds, who I know is a close friend. We discuss the problems with the coyotes (definitely not wolves) and I mention the man with the bottle.

We do some research and come up with the name of the vintner, and she says there is a book by him somewhere here, I just know it. So we do an online library lookup for books and come up with the title "Hex Hen". And there it is on the top shelf. I climb up a ladder (difficult in a long dress!) and find it next to a bunch of other books that start with 'Hex'. I take the book down (again, red leather with gold lettering) and begin to go over it at the table.

At which point the ceiling disappears and a large reddish-green demon leans in and growls...

And then I wake up.

Does anyone have any Prozac?


At 21:37, Blogger Tony said...

Okay...here's an overactive thinker's interpretation... I'll send my bill later.

Taking this in parts, the first part with the band is just stage dressing. It is something you are very familiar with and is a good method to ease you into what is to come. It is from the past and you admit that there are some discrepancies which is indicative that you have changed since that time. Also it is a bit of foreshadowing as to what is to come--more change and the potential dread that comes with it.

The coyote is the harbinger of the message that the dream brings. The adult coyote represents something that you are familiar with, possibly a person you know or have trepidation about. The young pup-represents something you seek, either an ideal or something material or even physical. The adult coyote, the one you somehow know, takes it (the young pup)from you--it is the way in which it keeps the ideal the pup represents from you.

The older man and the wine represents safety and familiarity. Perhaps close friends and family and the comfort which they bring. When you drink from the bottle you symbolically indulge or bask in the safety of close people. It makes you forget the coyote for the moment and the pending problem. This is indicative that there are people that seek to give you safety from potential turmoil...i.e. the older coyote who keeps you from what you want.

When you arrive back home, the dress reflects the maturity which you have obtained from the expeirience of the coyote and the wine...i.e the fear of achieving what you seek and the relative safety of people close to you.

As to the colors, the color red, goes both ways, it possibly represents the fear that the coyote symbolizes as well as the comfort the wine brings in terms of the family or people connection. The brown, a safe neutral and stable color for the comfort or reassurancne of home, friends and family.

The room is like a libary because it is your mind, the books on the shelves represent the memories of your past...as well as the future.

The woman that you trust is you...an older version or perhaps just a representation of yourself--the other side of you that is confident and reassuring about the future. She helps you becuase she is you and there is that common bond.

The demon that materializes when you have found the book is representative of the lurking fear that seeks to hold you back or confined from achieving what you seek. The book has the future in it. The demon serves as a reminder that there is inherent risk in what you seek and that there perhaps is a peril that must be negotiated first before you can write or live the pages that are contained in the book of your future.

Well there you go...take it for what's it worth:)


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