16 August 2006

Headcolds in August

... well they suck. That feeling, when waking mid-slumber, that something is going to come out of your mouth while sucking in the air that won't go down your nose is definitively "not fun".

But there is no time for self pity. I have to go through my household stuff. I have to get my car warranty reinstated from Europe (which I did last fall, but the company has no record of it). I have to find a new house (joy!). I have to do some minor maintenance to the old house. I have to tend an ailing and hallucinating writer (don't worry, I will take away all his pens first). I have to... *gasp* go to my grandmother's birthday.

Yes, my grandmother is having another birthday today. I think this makes her eighty-mumble. Not really sure. At any rate, shopping for her is like getting a tiny splinter out of the finger of an eight year old. Time consuming, difficult, and you think you will go blind looking.

I hope she likes what we got her.


At 07:47, Blogger Tony said...

Hmmm...but I need my pens--without them I have no point...

At 05:16, Blogger Carrie said...

With them, you still have no point. Especially drugged up.

Feel better soon, my comrade-in-arms.


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