02 August 2006

Is This Thing On?

"Dammit, C! Stop twisting my arm!"

"Confess! Confess!"

"Al-RIGHT already!...... oh wait... this thing is on?"

*multiple sounds of desk being straightened*

And here we are with our LibertyCon AAR.

I arrived safely in Hburg Thursday night, bummed with C and M, went to bed. Apparently, my subconscious is dashed cunning- C was chased out of bed at 3 a.m. by my snoozing snuggling self. What a wuss! So, I slept well, M worked all night, and C got about 2 hours of sleep. Sounds like a personal problem to me!

I start out driving, make about 5.5-6 hrs, hand off to M because C is scared of semis. Yet again, I cry 'Wuss!'. Great time down, lots of ridiculous chatter, and comments about taking pictures of Buicks on the way back to prove the old fart factor involved. C gets punchy, (well, we all were but she was the worst) eventually she falls asleep. We arrive in East Ridge at about 3:45.

Party party party... I went to a reading by Sarah Hoyt, very cool lady. Also ate food in Consuite and Barfly Suite, pestered people a bit, camped out on a couch and chatted with a bunch of people. Good peach mead too. Nummy.

Got to bed at Oh Dark Thirty, slept until about 10:30. Hotel still had the breakfast spread out, though much reduced, ate, went to a Pete Abrams panel.. another cool guy, though not much to say. Got out, went hunting for lunch. Nothing is open in East Ridge on Saturday afternoon- ended up at Hardees. PT Cruiser convertible is an interesting car.

Was feeling sort of blah, took a nap, went to another panel, Mike Z. Williamson, very entertaining lemur king. All hail! Dinner at Japanese place- not very good. Quick return, and naptime again. Then down to the party! (I know, not enough details. Too bad, suckers!) Tequila, really awful commentary by a band singer, vending ice cream, much discussion on swords and different types of fighting, the sheer shock of meeting a child named after the Celtic goddess of war and death (what a name to live up to!), and an early demise myself.

Sunday, earlier up, breakfast with M (fun Spite and Malice player), the introduction of Eddie Izzard to N, then more cards while C bounces off the walls like Kiki on pixie sticks. We eventually herd her into the car and take off about 2:30, arriving back in Hburg that evening after a much more subdued car ride. Still some ridiculousness, and we failed to capture the Buick scene, but that bus driver totally deserved the new Name of Shame.

Glad to be home, need the rest!


At 15:04, Anonymous cp said...

I am a wuss, but I'm a nice, quirky, fabulous wuss.

And, hey, if I have to be compared to Kiki, I guess there are worse things.


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