11 September 2006


As you know, I declared myself in a Drama Free Zone this year.

Someone needs to plug the leak. It seems to be getting worse.

Despite my best intentions, it is coming from everywhere, and I am rethinking the whole 'cabin in WVA' concept. I will become the Unabomber.. without the domestic terrorism angle. Maybe it will be more like a biblical hermit. I will hide out, away from civilization. Just not far enough away that the USPS can't find me to deliver my online orders:p

Where's that Danish kid when you need him?


At 20:36, Blogger Tony said...

Yeah...you need to be able to get those packages from UPS, that's how the robots get to you:) Remember, there is good drama too--at least I keep telling myself that:)

At 23:58, Blogger Carrie said...

You people keep talking about drama but I never hear about it. Care to clue me in?


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