16 October 2006

Fall Leaves

Something about fall. October is my favorite month of course; the combination of color changing, cool mornings, foggy breath, pumpkins, and gorgeous not-too-hot sun all combine to make me a happy camper. But one thing I just realized this weekend was that the sudden proliferation of fall festivals, under whatever name, is another big draw for autumn.

Art festivals, crafts, food, fish, you name it, there is one out there. And this last weekend seemed to be big on the art. Paintings, pottery, sculpture, photographs, watercolors, jewelry, they were all there in crazy colors and sizes, and bizarre styles and shapes.

Two festivals this weekend. One was the traditional 'tents in a street' type, with some interesting stuff. One photographer in particular, whose name I can't remember (shame on him for not having a card or website!!) had some gorgeous photos of old graveyards and statues and gargoyles. If the new house wasn't looming on the horizon I could easily have come away with four or five of his photos. Very different from the rest of the stuff there.

The second was right outside my door- and very high brow. When there is a VIP tent, you know there is money involved. Quite a few artists crammed into the square, with very similar stuff to the first festival on Saturday. But then there was the Beetlejuice wooden furniture, with women's legs in shoes holding up tables, and fantastic creatures shaped into 6 foot tall chairs. And the white Southern man with the large black female fieldhand paintings. And the fantastically priced sculpture. Again, only one really caught my eye, though again there was a proliferation of charcoal ravens. They seem to be everywhere lately.

And next weekend is the Poquoson Seafood Festival in Poquoson, VA. One of my annual favorites, with good food, local bands, and crafters hiding in the park, among the fall leaves. Not as fancy or pricey as some of what I saw this weekend, but interesting nonetheless. I still remember the man who had totally reproduced the Witch King's armor two years ago.

Absolutely fanTAbulous!!


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