27 November 2006

Black Friday, Gray Foxes

So I did the Black Friday thing. Got up at 1 am to check out Best Buy (absolutely insane, and I have it on good authority that people were lining up at 1PM on THURSDAY). Given the sheer number of people already in line, I turned around and headed out to Scott Annex in Portsmouth. No one there. Supposedly they have the same TVs and they price match. I figure I can catch up on school reading and stake out the line for a 6 am opening.
Works pretty good, no one there but the circling police and, at about 4 am, two gray foxes. Wish I had a camera, because they were no more than 2 feet away from the car at some points. Very interesting creatures- about the size of my bigger cat, so probably about 20 lbs, long bushy tail, teeny feet, and a very narrow snout. I mean like pike narrow. Oddly enough, they were less spooky than the feral cats in the parking lot- probably ate the cats is why. And boy can they run!! A nifty morning adventure, which was much better than the rest of the morning. The exchange didn't have 'the right model numbers' for the TVs so the whole thing was a waste.

Better luck next year.


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