14 February 2007

Happy V-Day

Happy Valentines to everyone who has a cat. Everyone else can go chitter at the squirrels.

Been a while. Been busy. Holidays, finals, house hunting. Still doing the latter.. seems like there is always something to get in the way. The latest is my sister crashing her car. She's fine, no worries there, but the car is totalled. So now we have to get her a new car, while trying to find one that she likes and can realistically afford. She can really handle a lot of things, but everyone has a 'this will set me off' button, and talking to her about finances is hers. Especially if Dad gets involved.

Job is ok, but still sort of dull. I am hoping that when things really get moving in April, things will pick up for me as well. I feel sort of like an afterthought at the moment, filling in for really dull things for people who are more important. I dislike this intensely.

My classes are on hold until March 26. I foolishly registered and didn't follow up- thus not realizing my online course selection was for one starting at that time rather than the end of January. Works out well though with the househunting etc., but I still feel like I am wasting time. Funny how that is, since I took nearly 8 years off and didn't consider it time wasting!! I just want to get it done so I can find a more interesting job, but it is several years down the line.

Just trying to get back in the blogging habit, so those of you who still bother to check, encourage me!


At 16:21, Blogger Tony said...

I always encourage you:)

And what about us dog owners...you know the smart people:)

At 09:17, Blogger Emrya said...

Ha dogs. Smart in the eyes of their pets maybe. If a cat likes you, you know you are worth something. Dogs will like anyone who holds out a hand covered in bacon grease!!


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