21 February 2007

Yes, I want to move to Arkansas...

All state legislatures have their absurdities. This one wins for today however.

Rep. Pam Adcock, D-Little Rock, has proposed that bright pink plates be issued to those convicted of drunken driving. This may sound like a good idea- let's inform the public and the police that the driver of the car in front of you has a history of less than ideal thinking.

Then comes the kicker- these plates would be issued to those with 3- OR MORE- convictions.

There are a few issues I have with this bill.
  1. Does Arkansas have that many DWI drivers that this would be necessary?
  2. Why are there drivers with 3+ DWI convictions even allowed licenses in the state of Arkansas?
  3. (And admittedly of much lower importance) Is the choice of color determined by the sex of the DWI driver? Pink because those convicted are primarily men? Why not construction orange? Wouldn't that be more 'gender neutral'? Or is the Arkansas Democratic Party not in tune with its compatriots in California?

These questions I put to you... they are far beyond my poor little brain.


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